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7 Beautiful Ways To Sunday

It’s essential for our mental and emotional wellbeing to take care of ourselves and avoid potential burn-out, especially with what’s going on in the world right now. With job losses, furloughing, home schooling, financial impacts, all of the sad news of those who have succumbed to Covid-19 and their families that we are seeing in the news and the constant worry that it could be us or our loved ones at any time, it’s easy and natural to get wrapped up in our own anxious thoughts.

The pandemic has caused carnage globally and makes us wonder how we will get through week by week, day by day. It has created a vigilance that we perhaps took for granted before but it’s also invoked apprehension, confusion and frankly, scared the living daylights out of us!

Mental health has always been an issue but it is more prominent in our daily feeds across social media and so has been brought to our attention whether we’ve liked it or not.

Perspectively, this is a good thing because not only are we kept up-to-date with important info, it has brought to the forefront that anxiety and mental health has been a widespread issue all along, although the scale of mental health issues, especially surrounding Covid-19 is off the charts! However, because it’s been highlighted with such prominence, it has created a vast awareness to not only look after eachother but to look after our own mental health too.

So what can we do for our own wellbeing?

We can set ourselves some time at various points in the day, each day, to look after our wellbeing. To prepare ourselves to face every day with optimism.

It’s so important to keep going and to keep pushing yourself to reach your goals and carry on shooting for the stars, regardless. Because life cannot stop completely and we have to prepare for when things do get better. The pandemic can be utilised positively amongst all of the chaos it has caused.

We can’t show affection in ways that we are used to right now which is upsetting, but we can show ourselves a part of that affection we crave as human beings by looking after ourselves mentally and physically.

Seven beautiful ways to Sunday is a suggested coping mechanism by moi for everyone to engage in and it can only result in feelings of wellness, hope for the future and the notion that we are protecting ourselves from the storm outside.

The idea is to do something every day that makes your day beautiful. This could be something that takes little effort or something that requires you to be actively doing something for yourself or for someone else.

These suggestions are inclusive but are not limited to. Feel free to add your own, whatever makes you feel good.


Monday is usually associated with the blues. But days are rolling into one at the moment with weekends far less lively than before the outbreak. So today, before you get out of bed, meditate. Just for 5 or 10 minutes. Using a grounding guided meditation such as this one to enable you to keep your cool and be at peace with yourself for the rest of the day.


Building on from your meditation yesterday, try to incorporate a short work out. Even if you lack the motivation, think of the feeling of pride and accomplishment once you’re done! You are investing in yourself. I like Lucy Wyndham-Read’s free workouts on YouTube. She caters for every ability and has tonnes of different types and lengths of workouts so there is bound to be something for you. Check her out here.


So now you’re meditating and working out, today is midweek or ‘hump day’ and you deserve a treat. How about an aromatherapy sesh at home? These shower steamers offer a mini experience using the steam from the shower to carry the essential oils around your bathroom so that you can feel relaxed or refreshed depending when you take your shower. If you prefer a bath, check out these bath bombs. Or perhaps send a gift of aromatherapy to someone you know who could do with a pick-me-up? Doing things for others contributes to our own wellbeing too.


Once you’ve completed your daily meditation and short workout, perhaps even had your aromatherapy session, today take 5 to think about what you can do today to get some fresh air in your lungs. A bit of gardening? A walk in the park? Or a trek with the kids somewhere? Socially distanced of course. It gives us time to rethink and gain some clarity of what is important when we are outdoors, not to mention the gratitude and sense of accomplishment it invokes.


The last week day today! With the weekend just around the corner, today can be about getting organised. Perhaps giving the house a clean or folding that washing! Or meal planning for the week ahead or changing the furniture around? If you’re into spiritual stuff, a friend suggested smudging after a spring clean to chase away negative energy and create a clear, fresh atmosphere. I have this kit and you can check it out here. Anything that needs doing, today is the day so that you can relax for the weekend. Perhaps a small glass of wine tonight to celebrate your 7 beautiful ways to Sunday so far.


How about something fun today? What hobby do you enjoy? My daughter is a keen baker and the smell of baking cakes or biscuits fills the house and is divine! Or maybe some fun activities with the kids? I love painting and find it therapeutic so if you’ve never tried it, give it a go.


Today is reflection day. This week you have created a beautiful week, are on your own journey to mental wellness and have succeeded in doing something for yourself and/or for others that offers a sense of achievement. You’re winning this week!! Take today as a rest and recoup to continue your quest for wellness next week.

I hope this post has helped with ideas and perspective. With lockdown measures in place right now and strict guidelines to follow, it’s necessary for us all to take heed of the world outside and make sure we are protecting ourselves and each-other, but it’s also necessary for us to take care of our own individual little worlds.

Stay safe.

Love as always



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