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Bad Habits Turned Good!

Anxiety can be a cesspit of bad habits. Take it from one who knows! These habits can be anything from devaluing ourselves to biting our nails and anything in between. Usually the habits are bad'uns! For example, accepting compliments. Or not, as the case may be. Not everyone who has anxiety will find it difficult to accept compliments but I did.

I'd squirm if someone said I looked nice. Or if someone said I'm a great friend. Or that I'm good at something. To me, they were 'just saying that'. And, 'what were their motives?' And, 'what do they really think?' This was a bad habit.

Of course they were being friendly and genuine. But I had trained my mind, unintentionally, to not accept compliments for what they were. Compliments! Validation that I looked nice, I am nice, I am a good friend! Thats the thing with anxiety, you see - we look for validation, we get it yet we don't believe it. And then we get frustrated that we needed said validation in the first place! It's a funny ole' game, isn't it?!

I have broken that habit now. And the simplest way was to say 'thankyou' and move the conversation on. It really was that easy. I'd given myself a hard time for no real reason.

One bad habit down and replaced by a good one! Simple! After I'd made the initial decision to stop.

But some bad habits aren't as easy to break. I have another that I want to create a whole post about but it has been a struggle to stop. And I still haven't quite mastered it yet. It's a tough one.

What habits do you have? Do you bite your nails? Are you unable to accept compliments? Do you constantly put yourself down? Do you get up in the morning and lose all motivation to do a single thing? Do you feel like 'what is the point in trying?'

Whatever bad habit you have trained yourself to partake in, CAN be undone and CAN be replaced by a good habit. Have a think - in an ideal world, what good habit would you like to form? And when you've thought of one, make it happen. Practice makes perfect and the satisfaction of knowing you 'used to do that' is empowering.

It is a well-known fact that habits take 21 days to form with consistency. Which doesn't seem that long when you say it out loud!

To get you on the road to forming good habits, I have created a 21 day 'Be Kind To Yourself' challenge. It is a challenge to get you into the habit of self-love! You may well be cringing but it is just one subtle change or activity to incorporate into your day to help you realise your worth. You can download the challenge by clicking the paperclip at the bottom of the post.

Give yourself time to recognise your bad habits and start to replace them one by one. You'll be glad you did because you will be one step closer to slaying anxiety!

"You don't realise how much you have neglected yourself until you make yourself a priority again!"

Happy good habit forming!

Lotsa Love



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