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When I first decided to look into the benefits of meditation I was actually quite pleasantly surprised. Say the word "meditation" to people who don't understand it or have never contemplated it and rest assured you will sound like an airy fairy alien to them! That being said, I have been in that position and after explaining why it interests me, I am proud to say that I am officially the reason for one or two converts! 

This makes me happy. Because regardless of whether or not they give it a go straight away, they will eventually. Because the seed has been planted. And it's an intriguing subject. 

Anyway, meditation is a fantastic way of starting the self-help journey. I remember the first time I meditated. I was in my living room by myself and chose a guided meditation on YouTube to play through my TV. This particular mediation involved Chakra's and imagining different coloured lights in different parts of the body. I won't lie - I did think this was a bit.. erm.. weird! But only at first. I was instructed (not as harsh as it sounds!) to focus on different parts of my body where said Chakra's are and imagine that part being filled with a specific coloured light which was filled with positive energy in abundance! I did it. And I cried. I actually cried because it was that powerful to me. You see, it encourages you to let go of all negative energy and replace with positive thoughts and positive affirmations and it takes a whole lot of flippin' concentration and an undying, unwavering desire to be rid of who you AREN'T! Does that make sense? Phew! Im out of breath from even writing that!! It roots you back to Earth. It's a passion to be who you want to be, who you know you were born to be and who you actually are. Far too many incidents, episodes, learned behaviours and life experiences shape us into someone we don't want to be. And some people won't understand that because they aren't wired like us. There comes a time in our lives where we need to check-in with ourselves. To reign ourselves in from self-destruction, intentionally or otherwise. We have the capacity to know and to acknowledge when we are not our best selves and we have the freedom and right to rectify this. I'm not saying that meditation by itself can make all your troubles go away. I mean, sure it can't pay your bills or take the kids to extra curricular activities - but it can give you the inspiration and motivation to deal with it from a better place. From within. 

As I said, there are many different types of meditation if the "Chakra" route isn't for you. Or if you just want to ease yourself in without ending up in a blubbering wreck like I did. To be fair, I probably should've chosen a guided meditation to help me sleep to begin with but I'm impatient sometimes!  But I'm glad I did. Because it hit me like an ocean wave and I appreciated it. I needed it. And talking of ocean waves, there are nature sounds meditation, as in the waves. There are birds and waterfalls (although this one doesn't appeal to me for fear of it making me need the loo! and there's nothing worse than trying to concentrate when you need a wee!) You get my drift, anyway. 

So I guess the message here is that I rate meditation. It can work wonders for your mind and spirit and help you on your way to becoming anxiety free. The exact meditation I threw myself into is in the link below.

Happy meditating

Lotsa Love 



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