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The Temporal Tap

Have you heard of temporal tapping?

OK, so its not actually a tap as illustrated in the cover image! But if you do know what it is, do you use it? Does it help you to calm down irrational thoughts?

If you haven't heard of it, you'll be thinking 'What the hell is temporal tapping?"

Well, its a technique that is completely risk free, there are no invasive procedures or medicines. It is simply using your fingers to tap around your ear - which is said to influence your thoughts and feelings in a positive way, making you feel calmer and more... rational. It can be used for many different scenarios including the self-doubt that comes as part of anxiety.

I was skeptical at first. I mean, how could tapping your bonce be of any benefit? Well, it is an ancient technique that is literally tapping into your subconscious and affirming to yourself all of those positive things that you are. It is believed to help the brain absorb sensory information by tapping around the ear on both the left and right sides. It takes practice and persistence and you may feel a bit silly doing it at first, but it can work. You are tapping into three meridians of the brain which is said to clear negative thoughts, help with memory and replaces the negative with the positive belief or affirmation.

It has to be done with repetitive positive affirmations using the present tense in order to feel the benefits. An example might be "I AM STRONG" or "I FEEL GOOD ABOUT MYSELF" or "I AM CALM" or any other sentence that is relevant to your situation. Make sure you use positive words, though.

It does not have the same effect if you were to use phrases such as "I WILL BE..." or if you use negative words such as "I DON'T FEEL...." or "I AM NOT..."


Now, I am in no way suggesting that it will work for everyone, everyone is different and some things work for one and do not work for another. But as it is not invasive, it is worth giving it a go!

Here is a video tutorial that describes and teaches how to do temporal tapping in more detail.

A short post, but I hope you have learnt something new and will give it a whirl.

Let me know how you get on!

Love as always



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