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Wellbeing Picks!

To take this blog to the next level, I have made the decision to work along side a few companies to bring you a selection of well-being products to help you in your journey towards becoming anxiety free and to help to promote self-care and self-love. I am now an approved Amazon associate and have decided to pick out some products that I think may help. When you click and buy through this site, I will get a small commission but don't worry, at no cost to you. Prices remain the same on Amazon.

Obviously, the first and most important step in dealing with anxiety is to consult your GP who will signpost you in medical terms. To establish a root cause of your anxiety is key to becoming well. As some of the products I have selected are essential oils, please check with your GP that they are safe to inhale the aromas or ingest as they could have an effect on any prescribed medication. Similarly with any form of exercise. Please make sure you are given the go-ahead from your medical professional.

Some of the products that I have chosen to promote, I have used myself. Others I have researched and listened to other consumers for their feedback.

Here are some of the products I have listed with a brief outline as to how they can help:

Essential Oils - These can be used to inhale the aroma, to diffuse into the home and are a great way to help calm the mind and promote better sleep

Affirmation Jewellery - to remind you on a daily basis that you are awesome and to keep going!

Amazon Echo / Dot - to assist with daily reminders such as taking medication and to play your uplifting music on request

FitBit - to encourage daily exercise and step count. Exercise is a great, natural way to help combat anxiety

Weighted Blankets - these blankets are intended to 'cocoon' and make a person feel safe, help too relieve pain, lessen anxiety, improve mood and thus aiding better, more rejuvenating sleep

Meditation Mat / Cushion - so that you can meditate comfortably

A selection of self-help books - I would not be where I am today if it wasn't for reading up on self-help

And much more...

Click the link below to be whisked away to the shopping page!

I hope you find something you love and that helps with your personal journey towards being the best version of you! Or even just to treat yourself or someone else!

Lotsa Love & Happy Shopping



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