"I have been following this blog since I discovered it a little while ago. In short, it is written in layman's terms so that anyone can relate to it. It has helped me to start putting things into perspective. It's truthful, honest but also light-hearted and funny. I have shared it with friends and will look forward to each and every post. A job well done in my opinion. Keep blogging Lil xx" - Mrs I Finnegan

"I stumbled across this blog a while back and thought I'd follow as my mental health, like any - there's good days and bad days. What I was initially drawn to is how frank and funny the blogger is. A site I haven't seen before, not just a site there to help you with links and contact numbers, but made by someone who also understands and shares many of their own honest feelings and past experiences -making me feel like I'm not alone. It's an easy site to navigate with lots of added extras I haven't seen in one place before - meditation, able to chat if needed and lots more! I have shared this website with my friends and I am happy it's helping them too! I am so glad I have found this! Thankyou! :) x" - Mrs C Johnston

"After reading The Not-So-Secret Diary, I find it helpful and uplifting in these difficult times. I think we all suffer in different ways. To know that we aren't alone is something we have to cherish. Thankyou so much.'' - J. Chambers

"I have recently started following this blog after following the Living With Panic page on Facebook. It's brutally honest and Lil speaks her truth! No medical advice can give you the same emotional and valuable insight than someone who has experienced years of anxiety can (with added doses of humour!). Keep blogging lovely lady! xoxo" - Mrs N Tuck

"I have suffered on and off for many years with anxiety. Trying to seek help within doctors and been given medication each time. Medication does help - or so I believe. What was missing for me was support. Support from people who understand and who have been through or are going through it. Then one day, I came across this site. Sooo much I can relate to! It's like a weight has been lifted! This is what I needed. Guidance, advice and something I can relate to. After years of feeling like it's just meds and doctors reading from text books, now I feel I can read and be supported by someone who knows." - Miss L Carroll

"A beautifully written and empathetic blog, detailing all the struggles faced by anxiety from a personal approach full of wisdom. The Not-So-Secret Diary encompasses so many of the tribulations faced by all anxiety sufferers, from relationship troubles, assuming we are hard to love, professional issues, panic in day to day life and the physical impedements. This blog offers insight that is relatable, coaches us with inspiration from both a fellow sufferer and offers philosophical quotes which can really help to re-evaluate the situation we are in and work to be proactive. The Not-So-Secret Diary not only gives panic and anxiety sufferers the invaluable reassurance that we are n to alone, but provides a beautiful perspective to those who do not suffer but wish to understand." - N Baldry

NB The Not-So-Secret Diary does not dispense medical advice or prescribe the use of any alternate therapy or technique as a replacement form of treatment for physical, mental or any other medical problems by your doctor neither directly or indirectly. The intention of this site is to give information based on personal experience and to offer tools to help the reader in their journey towards spiritual growth and mental and physical well-being. 

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